A key ingredient in most popular food which is well know worldwide


Our company offers the two types of gum Arabic mainly in raw form and a possibility to offer processed gum as mechanical powder and kibbled form upon customer’s special request. Hashab gum (Acacia Senegal): We offer this type in one grade called the cleaned grade which is the standard grade varying from light to dark amber, comprises whole or broken lumps and it contains minimal amount of siftings (fine particles). Dust, bark, and dirt are removed. Talha gum (acacia Seyal): We sort this type into four grades: Talha sifting grade – particles size (0.5mm ~ 4mm) Talha grade 3 – particles size (4mm and above) Talha dust grade – particles size (under 0.5mm) Talha cleaned – consist of minimum 35% sifting and 65 % G3

Natural resins
  • gum arabic
  • acacia gum
  • kordofan gum

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