ASD 460


The smart solution: Fully-automatic defatting machine ASD 460 enables removal of fat layers from loins and cutlets in predefined strengths. Advantages Fully-automatic recognition of the fat strength using Weber camera technology, with programmable controlled movementalong longitudinal profile Continuous work process Sensor-controlled electronic spring for perfect pressure application Uniform fat layers Considerable minimisation of reworking (trimming) Back bacon instead of small trimming cuts Clearly improved product image for cooking after slicing Product-specific blade holders Combinable with pre-installed derinder Options: Special Weber transport rollers Product-specific blade holders Product-specific pressure devices for products withand without bones Fixed or adjustable guide plates for supply and output belts

Meat processing machines
  • automatic defatting machine
  • defatting machine
  • Skinner

Product features

Motor output (kW) 1.1 (in addition: 2x Servo 2.7 A 3.25 Nm | 1.2 kW)
Cutting width (mm) 456
Cutting thickness (mm) 0 – 20
Height (mm) 1600
Width (mm) 1060
Length (mm) 3150
Weight (kg) 980
Power supply (V/Hz/A) 400/50/16

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