The diameter is between 0.5-1.0mm, The length is between 30-60mm. Aspect ratio(Length/Diameter) is 30-100. These distributed steel fiber dispersed uniformly in mortar or concrete formed a new type if polyphase composite materials. Steel fiber can impede effectively an expansion of microcrack and formation of macrocrack. Improved Significantly the concrete tensile strength. flexural strength, impact and fatigue properties. It makes concrete has good ductility. Meantime the hook-end increases the gripping force of concrete, end in the effective transfer of concrete deformation and stress distribution, made cracks into micro-cracks.

Wires and cables, steel
  • hooked end steel fiber
  • loosen steel fiber
  • low carbon steel fiber

Product features

MOQ 1 piece
Payment Type telegraphic transfer,cash with order,cash against documents,letter of credit
Supplying Ability 1500T/month
Delivery 15 days
Packaging Detail Damp-proof poly-bag, 20-25kg/bag

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