Trailed agricultural sprayers KUHN trailed sprayers provide a new idea of balance: a well equipped sprayer with aluminium booms, polyester tank and CAN BUS regulation for ease of use and optimum quality spraying. Their numerous equipment possibilities combined with the impeccable boom balance make it easier to use the sprayer.

Product features

Capacity (l) 2400 - 2800 - 3200
Rinsing tank (l) 300
Real tank capacity (l) 2550 - 2940 - 3440
Boom width (m) 18 to 30
Hand-wash tank (l) 16
Tank rotating rinser As standard
Filling hose length (m) 5 m with suction strainer
Width (m) < 2.55
Weight approx. (kg) 1800 Ã 2050
Tyre type 9.5 x 48
Brakes Hydraulic (depending on authorization)

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