Scanner for quick processing of checks in the back-office Description: When you need to scan whole batches of vouchers then our back-office scanner RS 861/862 is the ideal solution - it can capture 120 vouchers/min: thats 6000 per hour. Simultaneously it endorses the rear of the vouchers alphanumerically and thus reliably marks them as processed. And as a tailor-made voucher payment system we offer the specially developed software "VoucherScan". Features: Speed: up to 140 documents per minute Scanning of black/white and colour or grey scale images in one pass for the following ICR and archiving Good reliability due to straight paper transport Increased operating security and minimal error ratio thanks to double feed detector and continuous monitoring of document transport Very simple and effortless use due to: Auto-start function Fully accessible paper path Options: Model RS 862: same as RS 861 but with feeder capacity of up to 150 cheques Model RS 863: same as RS 861 but with MICR reader Model RS 864: same as RS 863 bit with feeder capacity of up to 150 cheques

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