The ScanCek Touch is the predestined Self Service solution for accepting documents in the lobby of a bank or utility company. Description: The ScanCek Touch (SC-T) with touch screen, journal printer and optional hybrid-card reader is a complete Self-Service Terminal for check-sized documents like remittances or checks. Using the SC-T the bank moves the work of scanning documents out to the client. A Touch Screen leads him smoothly through the process. A typical application first requests the user to put his card in the card-reader, then to feed the payment document. It checks that all fields are filled and transmits the scanned data to a central host for final processing, while the receiptprinter gives the user an image-based record of his transaction. Rejected cheques can be returned, while accepted ones can be endorsed and/or stamped before being securely stored. Using the SC-T brings time savings for both the teller and the user, while saving costs and speeding processing at the clearing centre. The innovative, easy-to-use interactive scan-terminal with its 24 hour / 7 day service is an attractive plus for any bank.

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