Fast, compact and very reliable scanner designed for tellers, point of sales or remote capture applications. Description: Choice of two models: • RS 900-007 RGB • RS 900-263 RGB, UV, IR With its small footprint and high reliability the RS 900 is the perfect desktop scanner for distributed financial applications. Thanks to its straight paper path design it has no problem scanning documents like ID cards and driving licences as well. Its front and back colour cameras can make multiple images: high-resolution black/white for excellent OCR/ICR recognition, plus colour for ergonomic viewing or greyscale for compact legal archiving. The RS900-263 can capture additional images displaying Infrared and Ultraviolet security features. The integrated MICR reader and rear-side inkjet endorser round-out this attractive package. Features: Front and back cameras (RS900-263: frontside camera with RGB and aditional IR and UV functions) Straight paper transport Easy access to the document track MICR reader Endorser USB 2.0 interface TWAIN and API software interface

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