WF series multi spot welding machine is designed for heavy mesh wire production diameter from 4 to 12 mm. High efficiency of WF series machine allows to produce up to 29 tons per shift of reinforcing mesh in bulk. Basic features Welding unit of WFseries available in 2 versions: manual roller feed module equipped or automatic feeder of cross bars bunker. WF series have a remote control and packaging unit for mesh by default, longlife welding electrodes are made of a special alloy based on titanium carbide. Special version of WF machine configuration for reinforced steel of high diameter on request only. Line transfer unit Line transfer module within the welding zone allows making a mesh with variable pitch. Servodrive is moving the mesh strictly forward by rack provides an ideal rectangular shape dimensions. Packaging unit Packaging unit removes the welded mesh from the welding machine. The ready panels drop off in a stack when the welding is complete.

Autogenous welding machines
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