FAP designs and constructs a wide range of Winding Machines using the great long-term experience and hard work in the market. Winding machines are used to wind up light (foam, bubble film) and heavy materials (laminated, transformed foam) after the extrusion or laminating processes. FAP has studied very careful a specific reeling system for expanded materials. The winding process for the unstable materials keeps tension stable among the turns of the reel, thus making possible full control of film’s post-expansion in the roll. Expanded film stays “alive” even when it is already formed in reel. FAP system keeps enough room made available over the whole length of the reel in order to stabilize the expanded material during the post-expansion.There are more types of Winding Machines with their different technical characteristics (dimension, speed, tension of material, capacity).

Extrusion, plastics - machinery
  • winders
  • winder for foam
  • winder for bubble film
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