AX landing leg

landing legs. Static load paired 20 t, mounting heights 795 & 995 mm


The "haacon AX" trailer supports are suitable for mounting on vehicles with air suspension. Both aluminium chassis and steel chassis are suitable for mounting. All vehicles with air suspension benefit from the weight reduction of up to 100 kg thanks to the "haacon AX" detachable supports. Operators of tipper vehicles, which often cover short distances when fully loaded, benefit in particular from being able to load more. haacon has selected a wrought aluminium alloy with high strength. Available heights are 795 mm and 995 mm. The maximum support height is 1,295 or 1,445 mm. The pendulum foot safely transfers a load of 10 t and compensates for slight horizontal movements of the trailer. The aluminium fifth wheel support "haacon AX" is free of lubricants, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, easy to clean and can also be cleaned with high-pressure cleaners. The downpipe is secured with a spring-loaded, captive stainless steel locking pin at 50 mm intervals.

Lorries, vans and commercial vehicles
  • landing leg
  • Gears
  • trailer

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