- Measuring average volumetric flow rate in flow directions - Totalizing volume of flows independently or calculating their algebraic sum with regard to flow direction - Determining the current value of flow velocity and flow direction - Outputting measurement results to the frequency/pulse or logical output - Logging of measurement data and configuration settings in the internal nonvolatile memory - Displaying measurement, configuration and history (logged) data on the built-in indicator (LCD) and outputting the data to the external devices via M-BUS interface or RS-485 interface - Configuring the flow meter according to on-site and process requirements - Monitoring and indicating alarm conditions (ER, error situations) and faults; recording error and fault types and intervals into the corresponding logs - Protecting logged data and configuration settings from unauthorized access, -R400 -MAP16 -EN ISO 4064, -OIML 49, -RO-2275-15356 (TYPE APPROVAL)

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