AZ RAMP-PRIME XS-8 RL. Industrial Mobil Loading Ramp with lateral rail guard

PRIME Range, industrial use
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Specially designed for industrial use, its use on "coated" or "Mac Adam" type surfaces will be very effective. Loading / Unloading trucks of Plateau or Tautliner type, AZ RAMP - PRIME XS range is made of heavy steel, hot dip galvanized. Its full access platform will allow you easy access to all types of material handling equipment, including 3-wheel electric forklifts.

  • Road transport - logistical services
  • loading ramps for goods handling
  • Mobile Dock Ramps
  • Fixed And Mobile Loading

Product characteristics

8 000 Kg
Total Length
5.90 m
Overall Width Outside
2,25 m
Interior Width (Useful)
2.10 m
Penetration in the truck
30 cm

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66340 Palau-De-Cerdagne - France