We source and supply Azobe Hardwood from well-managed forests. Commercial Name: Azobe Scientific Name: Lophira alata Origin: West & Central Africa Description: Dark red to purple brown wood. White deposits in the pores. End-Uses: Hydraulic works (fresh water) Sleepers Bridges (parts in contact with water or ground) Industrial or heavy flooring Vehicle or container flooring Stairs (inside) Heavy carpentry Bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground) Wood frame house Cooperage Posts Stakes Resistant to one or several acids Hydraulic works (seawater) Available in Sawn Timber: YES Available in Round Logs: NO Swan Timber Quality: FAS/AD Minimum Order: 20ft container Dimensions: Timber will be produced according to your inquiry (you tell us the sizes and qualities you need), and we are doing all the rest For more information and quotation: Please Contact Us

  • Azobe hardwood for footbridges
  • Izobe wood
  • railway sleeper