Abb S2/s3 Servo Amplifiers

ABB S2/S3 servo amplifiers


ABB repair, exchange & replacement parts for ABB IRC5 & S4 Pendants Since the start of 2018, we also supply reconditioned repairs as well as exchange and replacement parts for handheld robot control panels from the IRC5, IRC5P, S4, S4+, S4C+, S4P and S4P+ product ranges manufactured by ABB. During the repair process, we ensure that components that are better than the manufacturer's are installed in addition to the manufacturer's original parts. As a preventative measure we also replace any components that are subject to ageing or use related wear. In addition to using components approved by the manufacturer or legislator, we test the reconditioned ABB handheld control panels with original IRB ABB robots under conditions that correspond to the actual working environment. We can therefore also provide an 24 month warranty* on the complete ABB handheld control panel.

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