Material: 100{0ed61f0c573677f4fb2104bc64991a2cc8f12defe57be631ee5de990f1069db4} Cotton Ray: With Blue Ray high quality surgical lap sponges(abdominal gauze) The surgical abdominal gauze lap sponges is a special sponge used inside of the body (internally) during invasive surgical procedures. The sponge may be used to soak up blood or other liquids, to hold an organ or other part of the body in place, or at the discretion of the surgeon. Feature 1, Made of 100{0ed61f0c573677f4fb2104bc64991a2cc8f12defe57be631ee5de990f1069db4} cotton absorbent gauze 2, Sinking Time: 3-5 seconds, Whitness: 80 A° 3, 40s/40s 13 threads, 17 threads, 20 threads and other meshes (30×20,28×24,26×18,19×15,20×12) 4, Color: Pure White 5, Size: 20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 45x45cm, 50x60cm, 8x90cm -4ply, -6ply Or other sizes according to customers’ request. 6, Can be provided with X-ray chip or X-ray thread detectable. X-ray chip size: 1x10cm 7, Prewashed or non-washed. 8, Available in Sterile Pack, EO gas and...

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