Abrasive fleece discs FAPI-KLETT


The FAPI-KLETT abrasive fleece discs can be used on any abrasive disc with Velcro adhesive system. Combined in this product are a fast and aggressive abrasive action, as well as an excellent service life. The FAPI-KLETT abrasive fleece discs can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the Velcro system. Applications The FAPI-KLETT abrasive grinding discs can be used to process a wide variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, titanium alloys, fibreglass, plastic and resin glass. Due to this versatility, FAPI-KLETT abrasive grinding discs are used in a wide variety of applications: Machines for the chemical and food industries (production and maintenance) Production of stainless steel furniture Automotive industry Railway construction Shipyards Aviation industry Production of propellers and jet engines Stainless steel scaffolding Manufacture of articles of plastic Abrasive fleece discs FAPI-KLETT SC (Surface Conditioning) The fleece disk...

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