ZPS: Absolute Position Measurement System The ZPS™ system provides high-precision non-contact absolute position measurement on up to 64 synchronized channels This small optical sensor is part of the ZPS absolute position measurement system. All electronics for the absolute position measurement system are housed in this rack-mountable enclosure. Key Features: • Non-contact optical measurement • Repeatable absolute position measurement (≤ 0.5 nm, 3σ) • High-precision system using proprietary compensation algorithms • Ultra-compact sensors with no EMI sensitivity or heat generation • Reliable telecom-proven fiber optic components • Scalable, up to 64 channels ZYGO offers everything you need to integrate the ZPS system into your application, including fiber optic cables, sensor mounts, and user interface software. ZYGO's new ZPS™ system measures absolute position using ultra-compact optical sensors that are easily integrated into high-precision applications such as deformable...

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