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Absolute and gauge pressure Cerabar PMP75 -


The Cerabar PMP75 digital pressure transmitter with metal diaphragm seal is typically used in process and hygiene applications for pressure, level, volume or mass measurement in liquids or gases. Suitable for high pressure as well as extreme process temperature applications from -70 up to +400°C (-94 to 750°F). Quick Setup with adjustable measuring range allows simple commissioning, reduces costs and saves time. Designed according to IEC 61508 for use in SIL2/3 safety applications.

Product information

Measuring Principle
Absolute and gauge pressure
Digital transmitter with piezoresistive sensor and diaphragm seal; Modular transmitter; Long term st
Supply voltage
4...20mA HART; 10,5...45V DC (Non Ex):; Ex ia: 10,5...30V DC; PROFIBUS PA:; 9...32 V DC (Non Ex)
Reference Accuracy
0,075% + influence of diaphragm seal
Long term stability
0,05% of URL/year
Process temperature
-70°C...400°C; (-94°F...752°F)
Ambient temperature
-40°C...85°C; (-40°F...185°F)
Measuring cell
100mbar...700bar; (1.5psi...10.150psi); relative/ absolute
Smallest calibratable span
5 mbar (0.075 psi)
Vacuum resistance
10 mbar (1.45 psi)