Absolute pressure transmitter AD / BA 1000

Precise absolute pressure transmitter for atmospheric pressure


The AD / BA 1000 absolute pressure transmitter is designed to display barometric pressure. At the heart of the unit is an evacuated measurement cell made from an elastic copper material.The deflection of the measurement cell due to atmospheric pressure is measured inductively without making contact. The transducer emits an electrical output signal proportional to the pressure. The device can be powered using a 24 VDC power supply or a variety of AC voltages. The instrument is available with an ISO factory calibration or DAkkS calibration certificate (optional).

  • pressure sensor
  • pressure transmitter
  • pressure transducer

Product features

Min. measurement ranges 95 .. 115 kPa (BA 1000), 0 .. 50 kPa (AD 1000)
Max. measurement ranges 80 .. 120 kPa (BA 1000), 0 .. 50 kPa (AD 1000)
Margin of error ± 1 % of measurement range
Power supply 24 VDC, 24 VAC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC
Output 0 .. 10 V or 0/4 .. 20 mA
Housing Surface mounting IP 54

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Overpressure control in cleanrooms by halstrup-walcher

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