For fine pre-crushing of sample material with a feed size of 95 mm down to 0.1 mm final fineness in a single process and for continuous operation with the Jaw Crushers PULVERISETTE 1 classic line Fine pre-crushing from 95 mm down to 0.1 mm in a single process A mounting rack with chute in combination with the Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 (Model I + II) classic line and the Disk Mill PULVERISETTE 13 classic line make it possible to grind 95 mm feed material down to a final material fineness of 100 µm in a single process. Continuous comminution is also possible. Continuous operation With the operation of the mounting rack and delivery chute, the jaw crushers PULVERISETTE 1 (Model I + II) classic line can be used for continuous operation.

Product features

Net weight 17 kg
Country of origin Germany
County of origin Rhineland-Palatinate
Dual use statement No
Präferenzkennung Yes

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