The coding for the accessories is as follows: The first two letters refer to the type and the subsequent numbers refer to the hoisting capacity in kg’s. A few letters then follow; these refer to the surface treatment of the product. The explanation for the coding is as follows: Type coding: KB = Pedestal AR = cable set AM = air motor Version coding: GR = grey (RAL 7035) / black (RAL 9005) painted according to DIN 12944-C1 EV = electrolyte zinc plated, min. 6 microns The Gebuwin pedestals are solidly manufactured and are specially developed for hand winch applications. The cable pulleys are manufactured from cast iron and the blocks from steel. The pedestals are supplied painted in grey/ black. The cable pulleys are fitted with a sliding bearing. The cable set is inclusive of an eye and hook and an end fitting. The coding is followed by the maximum hoisting load allowed, the cable diameter in mm and lastly by the cable length in metres. The worm gear winches as from 1000kg...

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