Handle Extension Tube The Option that Pays Big Dividends! Applications Ideal for use when: 450 foot-pounds of torque or more is to be applied There are a number of fasteners to be tightened The user is of a moderate body mass or there is the likelihood of fatigue of the user from the application of the torque or both. Works with 600 ft·lbf capacity SR adjustable and preset torque wrenches to reduce the effort required to achieve high torques. Installs and locks in place. Create a longer torque wrench by extending the lever length to reduce effort to attain selected torque. Compatible Tools SR Part Numbers: 810597, 810598, 810600, 810601, 810151, 810153, 810319, 810859, 810860 CAUTIONS If this Handle Extension is to be used, the tool MUST be calibrated and/or preset with the Handle Extension installed. Failure to do so will result in inaccurate torque. Once the Handle Extension is installed, always apply force at the knurled portion of the Handle Extension when in use. Do...

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