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Accommodation Containers


Accommodation containers the ultimate safety, convenience and healthy living spaces. Accommodation containers can be superb workplaces, homes, site housing or modular transportable houses. There are many advantages of using these accommodation containers; including excellent security, durability and ecofriendly features. The modernized building models also offer dozens of superior features, meeting the specific needs of the sites. Prefabricated portable accommodation containers are designed to provide the ultimate safety, convenience and healthy living spaces. These containers can provide you with longterm service in construction and mining sites and in areas with extreme desert climates. Accommodation containers are also resistant to fires and they can protect you in case of earthquakes and floods.

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Product features

Structure high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panel surface and frame
Wall polyurethane or rockwool insulated sandwich panels exterior and interior walls
Insulation thickness 50mm,60mm,80mm or 100mm
Ceiling and Floor 80mm polyurethane insulated ceiling
Flooring 18mm fibercement panel surface + 03mm PVC flooring.
Door and Window Joinery Aluminum or PVC windows
Sanitary equipment Ceramic hand wash 37x45cm, Acrylic shower tray 102x92cm, ceramic wc
Internal Arrangement (optional) air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, furniture, data sockets
Connection Set (optional) a connection set is provided to be joined together or to facilitate overlapping
Additional Roofing (optional) galvanized trapezoidal roof or polyurethane insulated sandwich panel additional roof covering

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