AccuBird® Pro (Battery powered blind rivet setting tool)

Well-proven with Li-Ionen energy & cablefree tool for flexible operation
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The brushless motor and 10,000 N of force make the AccuBird® Pro extremely fast for installing blind rivets up to 5 mm in diameter, in any material and up to 6 mm in diameter aluminium. The BLDC motor of the AccuBird® Pro has an extremely long service life and is virtually non-wearing. Compared to commercially available battery-powered tools, riveting can be done up to 4x faster making it comparable with hydropneumatic blind riveting tools. The optional autoreverse function additionally shortens the pulling process, ensuring the AccuBird® Pro is immediately ready for operation. The AccuBird® Pro is also equipped with the low-wear jaws system, which has already proven its worth a thousand times over. You can now get the AccuBird® Pro with the new CAS battery - one battery to operate more than 180 cordless devices! More details on delivery limits will be answered in a specific enquiry (details are only exemplary)!

  • Metalworking - portable power tools
  • blind riveting
  • blind rivet tool
  • AccuBird Pro

Product characteristics

Plastic, Steel

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64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf - Germany