Acid Proof Rubber gloves- Antek

Protection gloves


Five-finger gloves, anatomic shape, thickness from 0,5 to 0,7 mm. Made of latex and rubber compound by dipping method. -smooth, inside powdered and smooth as well - length: (350±10)mm for size 9 and (360±10)mm for size 11 The gloves have WE Certificate nr WE/S/271/2004 Resistance to chemical substances penetration: - 30% HCl 6 level - 36% H2SO4 6 level - 50% NaOH 6 level - 25% NH4OH 2 level Permeation- hermetic Tear resistance -level 4 Cutting resistance- level 1 Rend resistance- level 2 Prick resistance- level 1 The gloves comply with the 3rd category of individual protection items. The gloves comply with harmonized PN-EN 374-1:2005(U) standards Gloves protect against chemicals and microbes according to PN-EN 388:2006(U) standard Protection against mechanical threats, confirmed by researches carried out by CIOP-PIB Additional cotton inlay glove available .

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