Acoustic Hexagonal Wall Panels


The hexagonal wall panel surface is covered with acoustic fabric and the adhesive is applied to the desired area. In this way, it is the improvement of the interior acoustics and decorative acoustical solution by providing the noise damping reflected on the wall surfaces. Acoustic Hexagonal panels are useful on decorative projects with colorful options.Multipurpose rooms with hexagonal wall panels are preferred to control excessive sound waves such as industrial facilities, sports halls, stadiums, concert halls to echoThe hexagonal wall panel applied to the wall or ceiling, if desired, is one of the most effective methods of echoing and noise reduction. In order to make the acoustic panels easy to install, you can remove the paper and stick it wherever you want by supplying the double side from the banded ones. As an alternative, you can apply a solid base adhesive to the wall of the hexagonal panel with a roller brush and then apply the material.

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