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Acoustic ceiling insulation systems



Isosorba acoustic ceiling insulation systems are designed to reduce noise transmission through ceiling construction in multiple dwellings. Not only do these systems reduce airborne sound but are also very effective in reducing impact noise too. The ceiling insulation systems are simple but very effective. It can be installed easily with minimal disruption by the work being carried out below the ceiling to meet Approved Document E of the Building regulations. Acoustic Performance Isosorba 95 is used where an improvement is required to make the noise transmisssion more bearable. Isosorba 150 is used where there is a need to meet Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. Installation of Isosorba 95 Improvement Standard Store the Isosorba components in the rooms where they are going to be used for at least 24 hours before use at normal room working temperature. Screw fix the 50 x 50mm timber battens, using wood screws, through the plasterboard ceiling and into the floor...

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