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Acoustic flooring panels

Floorsorba Triple


Floorsorba Triple acoustic flooring panels are primarily designed to reduce both airborne, as well as impact sound in multiple dwellings. Their minimal thickness is ideal when reducing the noise in new build as well as refurbishment projects. Installation is simple and easy as the acoustic panels are just laid on the existing floors. This ease of installation means that the project can be completed very quickly hence minimising the disruption caused to occupants. Acoustic Performance Installation Floorsorba Tripe acoustic flooring panels are laid, or even better glue bonded to the floor. The normal method is to fit the panels in a staggered brick bond pattern and ensure that the edge joints and perimeter joints are buttered together tightly. All joints should be sealed with Barriersorba tape. As the Floorsorba Triple panels are approximately 12mm thick, it would be wise to fit 6mm thicks x 25-30mm wide timber batten around the perimeter of the room. The carpet grippers can then...

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