Actran Student Edition Enhance your acoustic learning and education programs Actran Student Edition offers students and educators computational acoustic simulation capabilities comparable to those used in various industrial sectors in an accessible format ideal for teaching and home study/self-learning purposes. Actran Student Edition and its supporting materials include both a theoretical background on key acoustic phenomena and a step-by-step description of the modeling process. This description begins at setup of the numerical mode and continues through running the simulation to interpreting the results. Another key part of the tutorials is to show the link between simple Actran models and the real industrial applications based on the same simulation principles. This highlights the value of acoustic simulation in today’s complex industrial environments. Get started today! Download the free Actran Student Edition and tutorials here! Stay tuned! Join the Actran Student Edition users’ group on LinkedIn and exchange with your peers: best practices, tips & tricks, tutorials, etc. Join here. Jean-Pierre Coyette & Jean-Louis Migeot, Professors and Founders of FFT


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