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Acoustic tiles to provide high noise absorption



Wavesorba acoustic tiles provide high noise absorption for areas such as high-tech offices, airports, schools, entrance areas, music or television studios and retail stores. Wavesorba s acoustic tiles comprise of high performance acoustic fire-rated foam which is upholstered with a multitude of, soft, soothing colour acoustic fabrics. The fabric is covered on the face and edges and returns approx. 2 inches to the back. Wavesorba sound absorbent tiles are available in 18 different colours. Acoustic Performance The installation time is fast as the Wavesorba panels are suspended by steel wires from the soffitt by means of special spiral hooks which are fitted in the rear of the acoustic panels. The depth in suspension is simply adjusted by adjusting the length of the steel suspension. This also allows the acoustic tiles to be installed at sloping angles if required again adding to the visual design possibilities. The spiral hooks should be placed between 200mm and 300mm from the...

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