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AcousticGyps M1 is a composite sound insulating panel consisting of reinforced gypsum fiber sheet of increased density and viscoelastic membrane. Wind tight and vapour barrier covering provides mechanical stability. Used as a sound insulation layer in sheathed framed walls, ceilings, or partitions finished with sound insulation gypsum boards. Special design of the panel ensures high sound insulation and vibration damping performance. Application WallWall CeilingCeiling PartitionPartition Composition highly filled polymer elastic membrane reinforced gypsum board of increased density nonwoven wind tight and vapour barrier membrane elastic adhesive compound

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  • M1 Acousticgyps
  • Acousticgyps Panel
  • Board Acousticgyps

Product features

Length, mm 1200
Width, mm 590
Thickness, mm 17
Area, m2 0.708
Airborne sound reduction index Rw, dB 43
Fire hazard class КМ1
Surface density, kg/m2 17
Packing type pallet
Number of Boards per Pallet, pcs. 60
Area on Pallet, m2 42.48
Pallet Weight, kg 722.16
Number of Pallets in Euro Trailer, pcs. 27
Area in Trailer, m2 1146.96

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