Acrobat Pro


EXTRACTION FROM SOURCE Captures smoke, gases and light dust emitted in industrial facilities at its source. FLEXIBLE It moves easily, remains 100% stable in the desired position. STURDY It has a robust and long-lasting frame. It has a polyurethane hose resistant to friction and sparks. BOMAKSAN brand Akrobat PRO Series internally articulated flexible dust and smoke absorbing arms provide the suction of dust and smoke, which are the source of pollution, from the closest point to the source. It is connected to central ventilation systems, industrial ventilation systems or Jet-Pulse Filter systems through pipes and the dust and smoke are discharged into the atmosphere with or without a filter. Acrobat PRO series flexible acrobat arms (also called octopus arm, flexible suction hose) are designed in such a way that your working efficiency will not disturb your employees' working style.

Filters, liquid
  • Pro Acrobat
  • Bomaksan Akrobat
  • Pro Bomaksan

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