Actran for Trimmed Body Combine the strength of Actran and Nastran for advanced vibro-acoustic modeling Actran is a powerful tool for modeling and analyzing complex vibro-acoustic systems and specifically trim components. Such components are usually made of materials with high damping and strong acoustic absorption characteristics; as such they have a significant influence on the overall vibro-acoustic behavior of the structure. Accounting for high damping very often relies on the use of physical coordinates, hence Actran models are usually available in physical coordinates. Nastran is the reference tool for vibro-acoustic analysis of lightly damped structures and cavities. It features efficient modal analysis solution sequences, making it suitable for handling large models like automotive vehicle body-in-white or an aircraft fuselage. Nastran models are usually available in modal coordinates. Actran for Trimmed Body provides CAE engineers advanced features for mixing the best of both worlds: Actran physical model and Nastran modal model. Three types of combined models may be created: Actran for Trimmed Body is able to merge a set of Actran models of individual trim components with a Nastran body-in-white model in order to create a fully trimmed body vibro-acoustic model. An Actran model may be set in its real-life working environment by connecting it to an existing Nastran model (e.g. a detailed Actran model of a layered windshield may be connected to a Nastran model of the vehicle body). A Nastran model may be enriched by including a reduced Actran model of a specific component. The Actran component is defined as a DMIG data block in the Nastran deck. Actran for Trimmed Body makes the vibro-acoustic analysis of fully trimmed bodies possible. To model the problem with both efficiency and accuracy, Free Field Technologies develops the innovative hybrid methods of Actran for Trimmed Body. With these hybrid methods, the strength of modal and physical approaches are combined and their weaknesses circumvented. Target Applications: Acoustic transmission through components in real-life mounting conditions Trimmed body modeling using a combination of Actran detailed models in physical coordinates and a Nastran body-in-white modal model

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