Complex of minerals and essential oils, which possess high absorbing capacity


Adamant Package: 25 kg net weight paper bags with PE inlet. Producer: Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus Recommendations for use: Features of Adamant - It has a nanoporous properties - absorption capacity of moisture and harmful gases reaches more than 250%; - No weighting, due to what it contains more of the active ingredient, i.e. you pay for the action, not for the volume; - Adjusts microbiocenosis livestock and poultry buildings (neutralizes Salmonella, Campylobacter and single-celled parasite, kills fungal spores); - Prevents infectious diseases; - It is used in the presence of animals and birds; - Improves the safety of livestock; - Slip-resistant; - Promotes healing of wounds, abrasions and other damage to the skin; - Repels insects and destroys their larvae, breaking cycles of development; - Easy to use and can be easily removed; - Environmentally safe, improves soil structure.

Animals & Livestock
  • complex of minerals and essential oils
  • hygienic remedy
  • improve the sanitary quality of livestock and poultry buildings
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