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Adaptive optics is a special form of high-performance laser mirrors. Their characteristic is that the mirror surface is designed as a membrane, which can be deformed in a controlled manner by pressure change on its back. The shape errors occurring in this case are extremely low; we tolerate them with a maximum of 0.0005 mm. Our adaptive optics are suitable for use with laser power up to 10 KW thanks to integrated direct water cooling and HR coating. Most common types are the adaptive optics with elliptical membrane as these can be used directly to the 90 ° deflection. They are identical to our standard planes of identical aperture and therefore do not need special housings. In addition to the elliptical varieties, LT Ultra also offers round adaptive mirrors. As a rule, these replace the concave spherical mirror of an existing telescopic beam expander directly at the resonator. Round adaptive mirrors can only be used with deflections <10 °. …

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