1mm of EVAL™ has the same barrier properties as a 10 metre-thick wall of LDPE. With such performance, an EVAL™ layer thickness of several microns is enough to provide the required barrier protection. A layer of only 5µ of EVAL™ H171B (total film thickness 85µ) is commonly used to obtain a shelf life of 90-120 days for UHT milk pouch packaging. Pouches can be made with a 5-layer coextruded film structure by adding a black masterbatch (for light barrier) to one of the tie layers. Consult with your tie layer provider for suitable grades. Alternatively, a direct food contact compliant masterbatch can be used in the sealant layer. If it is possible to make a 7-layer structure, the different layers can be optimised further, each with its individual function:: More? For more information on barrier UHT milk pouches with EVAL™, please contact us.

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