Adhesive and skim coat plaster Intocol PP

Compliant with UNI EN 998-1


Adhesive and scraper based on hydraulic binders for gluing and shaving inside and outside of polystyrene insulating panels, polystyrene (also embossed), polyurethane, cork, cement wood . Suitable also as a spur on concrete surfaces, rustic, plastic and/or mineral coatings, traditional or premised plasters based on lime and cement both new and old, even if painted provided that they be in an excellent State on plasters that have withdrawal injuries, with application in the first coat of Malvin net. Package: 25 kg sacks-70 sacks-17.50 QL footboards Usage: Indoor/outdoor Color: White/Grey Particle size: ≤ 0.6 mm Yield: As adhesive gluing points 2/3 kg/MQ/gluing at full surface 4/5 kg/MQ • As a spur 3/4 kg/MQ for two coats Vapour-passage resistance coefficient EN 1015-19: μ ≤ 10 Capillary water absorption EN 1015-18: Class "W1" Thermal conductivity EN 1745: λ10, dry, mat = 0.35 W/MK Flexibility: Excellent Certification: Tested according to ETAG 004

Plaster and plaster products
  • premixed adhesives for insulating panels
  • premixed detectors for insulating panels
  • Plasters

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