Adhesive labels

Tamper proof labels safe-it, WxH 95x20 mm

94.20€ HT


With checkerboard pattern Visible proof of tampering The safety labels safe-it and secure-it are used as originality seals and as protection from manipulations of e.g. samples, retention samples, for transporting samples, sealing containers with important or dangerous chemicals in the lab as well as sealing letters, shipments and much more. The initial opening of a package is made obvious and irrevocably visible with the seal guaranteeing originality, unauthorised opening can therefore be proven. If the safety label is removed, it divides into separate layers. A pattern that was previously hidden appears on the surface and is irreversible. The glue leaves a residue on the surface that cannot be removed (a so-called void label). Once the label has been removed, it cannot be used again. Changing the label or modifying it afterwards are therefore not possible. When the safe-it security seal has been broken, a silver checkerboard pattern appears on both the subsurface and surface...

Product features

Product type description safe-it
Net weight 238,5 g

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