Adhesives for Envelops - Adhesive For Front, Side, Bottom Flaps And PSA Adhesive For Envelops

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We produce several types of remoistening adhesives for envelope’s front flap. These adhesives are easily remoistened once an envelope is full, thus becoming sticky (so-called remoistening gumming adhesives). These remoistening gumming adhesives can be 100% dextrin based, mixed dextrin and synthetic or 100% synthetic based. Permanent closing of envelopes may be performed manually or by a machine. Adhesives for side and bottom seaming can also be dextrin or synthetic based, they could be applied by roller or by nozzle and for these adhesives initial drying speed and film elasticity are highly important. Polystyrene and PP films are usually used for envelope windows, while adhesives based on copolymer dispersions are used for their bonding.