Adjustable Clicker Wrenches

CCM-MG (dovetail)


Adjustable Clicker Type Torque Wrench with Dovetail Tang The ultimate in speed and versatility for maintenance and selected assembly applications! The SR line of Micrometer Adjustable Interchangeable Head Torque Wrenches are an excellent solution when: The ability to change torque quickly is needed, The ability to engage fasteners with different types of heads is needed, A socket cannot be used on some of the fasteners to be tightened, It is desirable to minimize the number of torque wrenches in the location. These conditions are frequently found in maintenance applications of varying types, and in some assembly operations. When they are encountered, the CCM-Series tools are often an excellent choice. The unique SR dovetail connects with over 100 SR Interchangeable Heads for amazing versatillity. Bi-directional versatility is obtained by simply removing the head, turning the wrench over, and reinstalling it. Tools of 150 foot-pounds/200 Nm capacity and below are calibrated for...

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