Adjustable Clicker Torque Wrench with Fixed Square Drive When rapid adjustment and minimal fastener rotation are the need, these are the answer. Micrometer Adjustable Fixed Square Drive torque wrenches are ideal for any application where: The fastener or fitting to be tightened can be engaged with a socket. The user changes from one torque to another often. A low amount of rotation does not require ratcheting to achieve the desired torque. The ability to select the torque and lock it in rapidly is needed. Simplicity of operation is needed. Very high durability is needed. These needs are common in small quantity assembly operations and many maintenance functions; the SD-Series tools are superb for these types of applications. A simple thumbscrew mechanism locks handle to avoid unintended changing of torque setting. The strong dimensioned torque spring is the very heart of this clicker wrench. With reaching the pre-set torque, the torque spring is squeezed slightly, and the...

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