Ratcheting Square Drive Torque Wrench SR: "Customers tell us they love these wrenches because they are accurate, reliable, and durable. In designing the new handle we kept all the things that our customers love and added the Knurl Grip aluminum handle. Strong, lightweight, rugged, ergonomic, this handle truly lets you get a grip on torque." In sync with the Sturtevant Richmont approach to customers you can buy just a retrofit kit and replace the handle yourself or you can buy new wrenches with the new handle already in place. Either way the best accuracy, reliability, and durability is within your grasp. Micrometer Adjustable Ratcheting Square Drive torque wrenches are ideal for any application where: The fastener or fitting to be tightened can be engaged with a socket. The user changes from one torque to another often. A high amount of rotation or limited access requires ratcheting to achieve the desired torque. The ability to select the torque and lock it in rapidly is...

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