Adjustable Hand Reamers are versatile tools each capable of reaming a series of odd sized holes over a limited range of adjustment. Adjustment is easily done with two screwed collars which raise or lower the cutting blades by moving them along tapered seatings. They are locked in position when the required diameter is reached. The replacement blades are always supplied and fitted as a matched set. Adjustable blade lets you handle multiple hole sizes with a single tool and multiple tools in each set let you handle even more hole sizes, making these sets virtually indispensable. Reamers are hardened, precision-ground tool steel with a black oxide finish and include a wooden storage box. • One reamer does the work of many. • Each reamer expands to the smallest size of next large size. • Available in Inches and mm Sizes. • Available in Carbon Steel and HSS Material. • The most economical tool for precisely reaming a small number of odd-sized holes.

Machine tools - metal machining
  • reamers
  • Lathe tools

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