Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers



Adjustable Torque Screwdriver for Small Screws (M1-M2) Tohnichi's AMRD/BMRD series torque screwdriver provides same features as series RTD, except designed for tightening small screws. Thereby this model is ideal for assembly of watches, precision electronic equipment, computer, etc. Via micrometer scale torque can easily and quickly be adjusted. Index finger holding feature allows the operator to tighten with precise movements. Upon reaching the set torque, it clicks to signal tightening is complete. Integrated rotary clutch mechanism reliably prevents over-torque. Key Features Accuracy and calibration compliant to ISO 6789 type II class D Micrometer adjustable Clockwise direction Click signal Rotary clutch Certificate (ISO/JIS) Options Counterclockwise tightening model available on request. Optionally available in metric (gf·cm) or in english units (lbf·in bzw. ozf·in). Related Products Insert Bits with 1/4“ hex drive acc. DIN 3126 C6.3 Torque Gauges

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