Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers

Roto-Torq CAL


Micrometer Adjustable Torque Screwdriver with Dual Scale Sturtevant Richmont's CAL 36/4, with its' dual English/Metric scale, amazing durability, and ease of use has been an industry leader for decades – for good reasons! The CAL line of torque screwdrivers is first choice for many electronic and small-component manufacturers. The SR CAL-Series Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers are ideal for any application where: High repeatability for low torque is needed, Excellent durability and versatility are needed. These needs are common in high-precision operations such as electronics and electro-mechanical repair. To operate, simply dial torque setting and insert bit. The Micrometer scale on the shaft is marked in dual incrementation (lbf·in and N·m on CAL 36/4, kgf·cm on CAL 40). The operator cannot overtorque. A clutch releases automatically when desired torque has been achieved. The anti-backlash design enhances the repeatability. CAL torque screwdrivers are incredibly durable. Many...

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