Adjustable angle head FLEX5+C / 5-Motion Plus (automatic)

CNC unit for machining of wood, composites and aluminium


Cost-effectively process and machine wood, composites and aluminium: We provide series production angle heads for drilling, milling, sawing and grinding in addition to other units for special applications. Benz units are available in a variety of performance classes, making them ideal for everything from light machining to high-performance continuous operation. We have the solution for your special applications: Customized Benz units for machining centers. Put us to the test!

Woodworking - machinery and equipment
  • Angle head
  • Adjustable angle head
  • Flexible Angle

Product features

Lubrication Oil bath
Max. drive speed 15,000 rpm
Transmission ratio 1:0.94
Max. drive torque 10 Nm
Weight about 13 kg
Angle adjustment Automatic over C-axis
Tool change Automatic

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