Series 1000 Series 2000 Series 2100 Series 5100 SINGLE WELDED CLIP, SERIES 1000 - 5000 Welded clips, supplied with bolts CLIP VALEX 1004 SERIES 1000 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: • Lateral adjustment 7 mm • Lateral load of 60 KN • Tightening torque 175 Nm Use: The Valex series 1000 direct fastening system is intended for rails of the overhead crane type. It is very robust, reliable and occupies little space. It can be used for the tracks of any type of crane. CHARACTERISTICS: • Elastic fastening of the rails, with or without pad. • System consisting of two elements, permitting simple lateral adjustment of the rail. • Easy maintenance; the elastomeric nose fixed on the point where the clip presses on the rail increases the rail-support tolerances, reduces the forces on the fastenings and guarantees better retention of the rail. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: Align the rails. Position the clips on the rail, then the washers. Insert the bolt and proceed to tighten. Check the alignment of...


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