This practical fan fits in seamlessly to any environment thanks to its simple design. The Industrial ceiling fan is a real all-rounder. It can be used on warm summer days, and in winter too. The secret of this fan is its forward and reverse function. This means that it can provide fresh air in the summer, and distribute warm, heated air around the room in the winter. The latter makes the Industrial ceiling fan perfect for thrifty consumers. Savings lie at around 30%. The fan features four different speed levels for ideal flexibility. These speeds see the Industrial fan operate at 90, 150, 210 or 250 rotations per minute. As a result of its performance and size (Ø 142 cm), the fan is suitable for rooms over 30 sq m. An additional fan should be purchased for larger rooms. Industrial does not just look inconspicuous, it also moves discreetly. The fan runs very quietly and, as such, is perfect for use in the office or bedroom. Thanks to the uniform motion, the noise is actually very...

Product features

Colour white
Room size From 30 m²
Max. roof slope 40°
With forward/reverse mode Yes
Height 38 cm
Diameter 142 cm
Special features Ten-year manufacturer's warranty on the motor

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