Analytical components Crude protein 29,00%, Crude oils and fats 15,00%, Crude fibre 2,00%, Crude ash 8,00%, Moisture 10,00%, Sodium 0,30%, Calcium 1,60%, Phosphorus 1,30%, Vitamin A 22.000 U.I./Kg., Vitamin D 3 1.600 U.I./Kg., Vitamin E 120 mg./Kg. Composition Hydrolyzed chicken (poultry minimum 18%), rice (minimum 10%), hydrolyzed liver, wheat derivatives, poultry fat, natural poultry liver flavour, maize protein, brewer’s yeast, sugar beet pulp, fish oil, lignocellulose, glucosamine hydrochlorate, chondroitin sulfate, folic acid, L lysine, mannan oligosaccharide, fructo oligosaccharide, natural antioxidants, taurine, creatinine, vitamins and minerals, chelated zinc, yucca extract. Oligoelements or compositions of oligoelements E1 Iron (mono hydrate iron sulphate) 450 mg/kg; E2 Iodine (anhydride calcium iodate) 0,5 mg/kg; E4 Copper (pentahydrate copper sulphate) 15 mg/kg; E5 Manganese (manganese oxide)

Pet foods
  • Poultry Fat
  • Crude Fibre
  • Crude Protein

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Sizes 3Kg, 12Kg

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