The profiFill 4.0 is a highly flexible filling solution for CO 2/N 2O or mixed gasses. Through a pre-programmed filling process, which can be easily configured, adjustable individual solutions and consistent documentation can be ensured. The ProfiFill station is a universal filling station. No matter what cylinder your market requires, our equipment can be adapted to your needs. A clamping unit ensures safe and ergonomic filling. Highlights Ergonomic, durable, fast Lifting unit for short cylinders Pneumatic valve open/close unit Maintenance-free DryLin T-Linear guiding 4 load cells for precision and easy calibration Pneumatic filling head Legal for trade Technical Data: Weighing range: 0-150kg / 0-330lbs. Filling range: 6-50 kg / 0-330 lbs. Cylinders: up to 300 x 1800 mm / 11.8 x 70.8 in. Dimensions: 910 x 800 x 2300 mm / 35.8 x 31.5 x 90.5 in. Weight: approx. 300 kg /661 lbs. Weight Scales & Controls 999 storable cylinder types (PLU) Automatic filling process; automatic closin

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